Single String Kites

Our single String kites are made from the best modern day kite making materials. A lot of them are easy to assemble and easy to fly with a few exceptions. Diamond kites are a great way to start in the world of kite flying due to their minimal assembly and ability to fly in most wind conditions. Some of the box kites appear tricky to assemble but are a lot easier than they look. Our single line lifting foils are great if you want to get a camara in the sky for some aerial photography or lifting large inflatables. Creature kites are all easy to assemble and fly with some funky designs like our popular dragonfly kite and ladybird kite. Also have a look at our easy to fly single line kites. The super flyers and delta kites will fly in some of the lightest wind conditions minimising any disappointment on the day you go kite flying, the dragon kites have no assembly just tie on your kite line and off you go.