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Red Kite Kite

Bird Scarer Red Kite Kites make for an excellent, affordable bird scare kite for keeping pigeons, seagulls and herons off of your allotments, garden veggies and fish ponds. The Red Kite kite is made with the best modern day kite making materials of Rip–Stop nylon, fibre glass and dynema kite string. The red Kite kite has a chocolate brown body with black and white feather trim on the wings and a white forked tail with black edging giving the kite a certain lifelike bird of prey look. The Red Kite kite has a wingspan of 102cm and can be used for either normal kite flying or for scaring birds and will fly in the lightest of breeze. The Red Kite kite is easy to assemble and fly and comes complete with kite flying string. When using the Red Kite Kite as a bird scare use one of our telescopic windsock poles and pole stakes. At Windrush Kites we always use well greased swivel clips attached to each end of the kite string before attaching the kite to one of our poles, this will prevent the string from twisting and getting knotted either damaging the windsock pole or your kite.

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