Flying Creature Kites

At Windrush Kites we have a kite for everybody and our creature kites are no exception. The very easy to fly Octopus Kite is a sure winner it has no assembly, long tails and three different colours to choose from. From our experiences at kite festivals all of our creature kites fly brilliantly. The bird Kites are extremely stable due to the nature of their design, Delta kites with bits cut out of them I was quoted by one professional kite flyer. The Shark Kite fills the skies when we get him out his lovely 2M long body wiggles as he goes swimming across the sky. The dragonfly is also a special kite with his wings fluttering in the sky. Another dead Cert is the ladybird and bee kites they are pre-assembled you just add on the buzzer and away you go.