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Dragonfly Kite

This Dragonfly Kite is very popular both as a kite and attached to one of our windsock poles. The wings flutter in the wind giving a realistic effect. On the assembly undo the Velcro straps at the wingtips before placing the spars into the T-Piece then pull them back over to gain tension. The Dragonfly Kite is very easy to fly you can launch straight from your hand. In lighter winds you can detach its body held on by Velcro. If you do use this as a windsock I advise you get some large swivel clips at each end of the line to avoid tangling.

145cm Wingspan
Appliqued Ripstop Nylon Sail
Glass Fibre Frame
Kite Line Included
Wind Range 6 – 16mph

Our Price: £19.99


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