Diamond Stunt Kites

The diamond stunt kite was first made popular during the 1970’s when Peter Powell had the inspiration to create a kite with two strings so you could steer. Since that time many kite enthusiasts and designers have adapted the design adding in multiple panels and striking colour combinations. They have also been adapted to have super long tails up to 100 feet that create beautiful patterns in the sky.
Diamond stunt kites are great for absolute beginners, children between the ages of 8 – 12 years old and novices for learning how to fly a two string kite. The diamond stunt kite is simply a standard diamond kite adapted for two strings with which to steer they also have super long tails that make great patterns across the sky. They are the simplest stunt kite to assemble and with assistance from a second party to hold the kite up, one of the easiest stunt kites to launch. Once in the air these kites are extremely stable and with a little pull on either string will make the kite steer in that direction. If you pull one of the strings hard for a few seconds the kite will rotate a few times with the tail creating a corkscrew pattern behind it. If you have counted how many times the kite has rotated you can untwist the lines by simply pulling on the other string and counting the rotations back again. Always fly with fully unravelled lines to insure quick rise to altitude and keep your arms close together, about 3 to 4 inches apart will insure you maintain stability and control of the kite.
At Windrush online kite shop we have some amazing two string diamond stunt kites for you to choose from. You can be rest assured you are buying from the best quality manufacturers such as Brookite and Spirit of Air. All of our Diamond stunt kites are made from the best quality modern day kite making materials such as rip-stop and spinnaker nylon as well as fibre glass struts and dynema strings on handles or halos.  They are all very colourful with great combinations of panelling. Our entire diamond stunt kite range comes complete with instructions, strings and tails. If you are buying a kite for yourself as a novice or for a child as a gift then these kites are your perfect starter package. By following our useful tips on launching and flying we can guarantee you your first flight will be successful and an absolute joy with no disappointment on the day. Due to the length of these kites in their packaging we use Royal Mail Standard Parcel service and this may take up to 3 – 5 days from order to receipt.