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Two Line Power Kites

Two Line Power Kites are a great way of introducing yourself into the world of power kiting and two-line kite flying. Our two line power kites come in a range of sizes from the 1.1M power kite that is ideal for the younger flyers 12+ up to the 3.1M two-line power kite for the more experienced flyers. For those of you who want to learn the basics and get a feel of the power a power kite produces I would recommend the 1.8M or 2.1 M two-line power kites. All our two-line power kites have no spars so assembly is very easy just attach your lines with a larks head knot, fully extend your lines and launch just remember to keep your hands fairly close together to maintain easy control.
HQ Symphony Beach II 1.3M Power Kite
HQ Symphony Beach II 1.7M Power Kite
HQ Symphony Beach II 2.1M Power Kite
HQ Symphony 1.2M Power Kite
HQ Symphony 1.4M Power Kite
HQ Symphony 1.8M Power Kite
1.1m Powerfoil Kite
1.4m Powerfoil Kite
1.8m Powerfoil Kite
Powersled 1.2 Kite
3.1 Cirrus Powerfoil Kite

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